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plk1222 09-12-2018 05:45 PM

G2 bumper
Was looking at Jakes front baja bar or outlaw bar and was wondering if anyone knew if one for a G14 would bolt up to mine. G2 stuff is hard to find

Dave in VA 09-13-2018 06:50 AM

Re: G2 bumper

maxim1157 09-14-2018 09:32 AM

Re: G2 bumper
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Got my front and rear bumpers from grizzlymetalworks.com

Dave in VA 09-14-2018 09:53 AM

Re: G2 bumper
Grizzly makes some nice stuff...

maxim1157 09-14-2018 09:58 AM

Re: G2 bumper
Yes they do.. front bumper was kinda a one off, they make one with a double wrap around.. I was wanting just a single bar for mine.. Gail said no problem, her son was always wanting to build one with a single bar.. just asked if I would take pictures of it and send them to her for future requests.

sho305 09-15-2018 12:37 PM

Re: G2 bumper
I like the looks of the Jakes baja but I welded a bracket on my frame as part of the lift so doubt any would fit mine. If you know someone with a welder it would be easy to make a mount for some other bumper. TheNewGuy put a ATV or UTV bumper on his it looks really sweet. So I got a bender but have not made my own lol, I need lighter pipe to do it I don't want heavy black pipe on there. I have the chrome lights to go in there even. On top of all that I want to put a ATV front on it so that would change everything. Only my .02 but I would rather have the bumper I liked and make a bracket. Its like buying wheels, if you are going to have the cart for years you may as well pay 20% more or whatever reasonable amount to get ones you really like to look at a lot. But around here there are a few places that repair farm equipment for example, they can weld up stuff easily. I just happen to have a welder just saying for people that don't it should not be an issue unless you have none of that around you.

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