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Dick74 05-15-2020 04:57 PM

Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues
Have you tried to increase your speed in your 2020 Onward?

banjoman2255 05-27-2020 07:17 AM

Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues
I had my dealer adjust my throttle cable. I get 28mph on gps but it's wound up pretty tight at that speed. Cruises comfortably at 24ish. Dealer replaced my 02 sensor and have not had any issues sputtering since.

Prazak 07-14-2020 04:05 PM

Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues
I have a 2020 Onward LSV from a dealer in Florida, and my neighbor has a 2020 Onward LSV from another dealer in Florida. Both of us have had the same issue described on this thread. Both of us contacted our respective dealers, and both dealers arranged to have the O2 sensor replaced. That seemed to do the trick, but ironically both carts had the problem resurface within 24 hours of each other. My cart started sputtering last night and dropped speed from 25 mph to 17 mph. Engine was running hot. I called the dealer and a technician there said he thought it was a one-off with the computer, that when we switched the cart into maintenance mode to check the engine we reset the computer, and that the problem was likely resolved. He suggested I continue using the cart normally. I'm not sure I want to do that.

Then this morning my neighbor's Onward started sputtering and limped back to her house at 5 mph. I called her dealer and he also thought it must be some anomaly, since both the O2 sensor and the ECU had been changed.

These brand new carts shipped to two different dealers with defective O2 sensors, and now even after those sensors have been replaced, both carts are still exhibiting signs of the same problem. I think that's the definition of a lemon law violation, and I guess we're going to have to look into pressing Club Car to make good.

Anyone with any suggestions on what might be the technical problem, what might be the recent fix that was referenced on this thread, and whether anyone has gotten any traction with Club Car in coming up with a more permanent fix?

banjoman2255 07-15-2020 10:12 AM

Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues
My 2020 had the same o2 sensor problem happen again a couple days ago. Unplugging the sensor completely fixes it. I'm also pissed that I paid this much money and am having unsolvable issues.

Vince B333 07-15-2020 07:06 PM

Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues
As I opened this thread with my 2019, I instead now own a 2020 (don't ask). I thought all was great with this one. Low and behold a couple of weeks ago, now the same **** problem surfaced out of nowhere. Happened a couple times and one of the times threw a code via the yellow warning light. Took it over to the dealer and boy was he surprised. He as well as I thought 'they' had fixed the problem. Same code as was on the '19, about evaporative canister and O2 sensor.

Happened a couple more times, so what the hell - let me try something. I removed the black rubber line going from the gas tank to the evap canister. Didn't want fuel to slosh out the line from the tank, so found a place to mount it higher. On the evap side, didn't know if it 'sucks', or just sits there, so in case it sucks - put a fuel fiter on the end of the line just to filter the air going into that thing - in case.

Now - go figure - don't know if it is coincidence or a possible fix, but I've been running that cart all over the place for a couple of weeks and NOT ONE ISSUE since I performed this "fix". Also, this 'fix' does NOT affect the check engine light. That is the light stays off as opposed to it staying on all the time with the O2 sensor wire being removed.

Give it a try - what do you have to lose? That **** canister is only there for CA emissions anyway, and doesn't do a darn thing for me.

Please do me one favor though and if indeed you try this, let me know the outcome. Again, don't know if I just pleased the Club Car gods, or did I stumble upon something good.


Fairtax4me 07-15-2020 08:23 PM

Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues
Well a code for the emissions canister is a new one to my ears. Seems like a stupid thing, but those canisters have to breathe in order for the tank to vent properly. Is there a vent hose leading away from the canister going into a hole in the frame? Or possibly into a smaller black canister, which would usually be an air filter. Or is there a little T plug stuck in the end of the vent hose? A common issue on those systems on automobiles is bugs will get into the vent hose and build a nest and block the hose. Sets off the CEL.

Also if for some reason the line that runs to the canister ever gets liquid fuel in it, it can ruin the carbon structure in the canister and cause it to basically become blocked. Have you ever topped off the fuel tank to the point it overflows?

Vince B333 07-16-2020 11:43 AM

Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues
1 Attachment(s)
When the technician came out and talked with me, he did mention about O2 sensor code and charcoal canister. Him mentioning that is what got me thinking to tinkering with that thing. Regarding too full a tank. Yep, that has happened to me more than once. Filled to top. I just got done looking through owners manual and I couldn't find any mention of filling too much. One would think that if this is what is causing the problems to so many of us, a nice BIG notice would be in a few places in that manual. I know that I am not the only one with this issue. So if indeed the problem is that at one time raw gas has entered that canister, what to do about it now? Will it evaporate out itself? I am attaching a picture of my 'fix'. The only reason for the fuel filter on the one line is in case there is air being sucked into this line. Hopefully would prevent any debris from entering. I also used to have another filter attached (same way) to the black nipple on the gas tank. I just took that one off and plugged that line to see if it might make any difference. I really don't like leaving that line open since it is a direct route to gas in tank.
Thanks for replying to my message earlier.

Fairtax4me 07-16-2020 04:56 PM

Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues
I've never paid too much attention to whats there on our 2015 Subaru EFI cart, but I think the same canister is there with a similar layout. I might have to go grab it and take a closer look. I've never filled that one up "all the way" because it runs for a month on a tank of fuel, even being driven every day.
You can see on the opposite side of the canister is the external vent I was talking about. It looks like it just has a T plug in it, and doesn't look to me to be blocked in any way, but that doesn't mean the canister is not.

The black vent nipple on top of the tank should just be an IN vent so the tank doesn't suck in when the pressure inside drops as the liquid in the tank cools. The cap is supposed to be vented to allow air IN, but they could have changed that, and there's no guarantee it will always work. Thus the need for a dedicated vent tube on the tank.

billyGA709 08-09-2020 03:22 PM

Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues
I purchased a new Onward a few months ago and am having the same issue.
Dealer was unable to duplicate the problem. Called Club Car Friday and was told they have a new SB on it related to the O2 sensor. Hopefully it's a newer SB than what I'm seeing here and actually solves the problem. My cart might run perfectly for a week or two and then will start acting up. I can come to a complete stop, allowing the engine to shut down for a few seconds, then when I press the pedal it will run perfectly for 30 seconds then start sputtering again. The following day it will run fine and might not act up for another week or two. Can someone describe the O2 sensor so that I can try disconnecting it if necessary?

Originally Posted by grawyl (Post 1673417)
just an FYI. There is a TSB for this issue. My cart had the same issue and the dealer replaced the 02 sensor and reprogrammed the computer. I am not sure this completely resolved the issue because it still happens from time to time. I believe its a result of poor quality gas and the issue only shows up after the cart has sat for about 1-2 hours and the motor is still warm/hot. The cart will drive as normal until it worms up to full operating temperature and as soon as the computer switches from an open loop program to the closed loop program it will start sputtering.

The reprogramming of the computer has made our cart run a bit richer on gas and we have noticed we burn through more gas than before the reprogramming (we live on an island and the cart is our primary mode of transportation).

When this issue show up, I have been able to resolve it by turning the ignition off for a few min to allow the computer to reset. You'll know when that happens because the yellow check engine light will illuminate for a few seconds when the ignition is turned back on. If it doesn't illuminate, you need to wait longer before turning the ignition back on.

If resetting the computer doesn't solve the issue, disconnect the 02 sensor at the connector. This will force the computer to run in the open loop program mode and the yellow check engine light will come on but the cart will drive normally. Once you park the cart for the night or at least 8 hours to cool off, reconnect the 02 sensor and it should work as is supposed too.

Hope this helps.

billyGA709 08-09-2020 04:37 PM

Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues
Is there a way to duplicate the problem so as to show the dealer what is happening or to ascertain if/when the problem is fixed?

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