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gtruck88 06-25-2022 08:30 AM

Is this cart worth saving?
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We got a 94 ezgo marathon for free. It looks like most of the electrical components are missing. (Motor, batteries, wiring etc.) But petals and linkages seem to be there at least mostly the rear end seems to be in good shape and the body is good on it. My question is 2 part. One is this thing worth fixing up?or should I just scrap it? Two if it is worth fixing what all would I need? I know the motor, batteries and cables, but I assume there is some sort of controller the interprets input from the pedal and powers the motor. I don't know anything about electric carts so if it's worth saving could you recommend brands or where to get them it would be appreciated also. I attached a couple picks of where I think everything should be so people can see what's missing. Thanks for looking.

Volt_Ampere 06-25-2022 08:44 AM

Re: Is this cart worth saving?
Looks like someone was trying to modify that cart to be a gas powered cart. There is a sprocket on the output on the gearbox. I can't see the body in your pix but I would say No it's not worth restoring. It will cost you more than you will pay for a cart in decent condition ready to go.

gtruck88 06-25-2022 08:49 AM

Re: Is this cart worth saving?
I didn't realize that sprocket shouldn't be there. Like I said I don't know anything about them. Thanks for the feed back

cartdoc1969 06-26-2022 07:33 AM

Re: Is this cart worth saving?
Yep it looks like a Frankenstein project. It "could" be redone but it would be a ton of work and money. Probably best to give it a new home.

scottyb 06-26-2022 01:21 PM

Re: Is this cart worth saving?
I would not write it off based on those 2 pictures. It looks to be a 90s Marathon. If the sprocket comes off easily you can remove the motor plate and have a good platform for a project cart. Worse case you change the motor input shaft and remove the addon motor plate and start the build up. Honestly a decent Marathon project chassis is going for $500 in out neck of the woods.

bronsonj 06-27-2022 01:39 PM

Re: Is this cart worth saving?
To me it already looks better than my 1985 cart that I started out with. I got a 1985 for free that someone (with no ability to build) took it apart and was intending to convert it to gas but did nothing right. I got the frame and body with no usable mods then took it and made it a fun, usable cart.

The combo I did wasn't the fastest but it was plenty quick. A little loud but fun and pretty darned cheap.

If that sprocket on the input shaft is actually usable then you are way ahead. On the one I converted in order to be properly supported I needed to have the bearings from the motor in place so I had to gut an electric motor and make it happen. If that input shaft is good you really just need a second hand 212cc harbor freight predator motor (or bigger) and a torq-a-verter and get the geometry right. Then just finish the build and you'd have a fun little cart on stock wheels.

Everyone said it'd be a dog with that motor but I had my butt in the seat and it launched pretty hard. The key is get the torque-a-verter, keep the stock diameter wheels and remove the governor on the motor. Make sure you don't gear it up unless you have a lot more HP than I did. I geared it down from the torq-a-verter to the rear diff and that made the accel really nice. I think I had a 10 or 11 tooth sprocket on the torq-a-verter and maybe 18 or 20 tooth on the diff? Also important you need to either convert to a swingarm type rear or make sure you get a spring loaded tensioner to keep the chain tensioned as the diff goes up and down while driving. The other thing is you won't have reverse with that diff. On stock wheels I was able to do a U turn almost inside a parking spot so I almost never had to push it back but when I did it was pretty easy.

If you want more speed or accel then go up in HP. But I did it and got 21.5 mph with me and a buddy on it! It wouldn't burn out on loose gravel but it was close. With 4 people on it the accel was kinda slow... That's where extra HP would have helped. With 4 people and fully inflated tires it'd reach 19mph on a long straight pull. I had about $200 in it and got it running like that. The motor I picked up for $20 used, which helped a LOT. I spent another $100 on some stainless and paint and lights and $50 for a set of stock wheels/tires. I got a muffler for $40 and ran the cart like that for quite a while. There's no way I could find a running cart for $390!

Take more pictures so we can see what you're working with.


bronsonj 06-27-2022 01:55 PM

Re: Is this cart worth saving?

Originally Posted by bronsonj (Post 1896538)
I geared it down from the torq-a-verter to the rear diff and that made the accel really nice. I think I had a 10 or 11 tooth sprocket on the torq-a-verter and maybe 18 or 20 tooth on the diff?

Thinking back I am fairly certain it was 10T on the torq-a-verter and 18 on the input to the rear diff.

gtruck88 06-28-2022 11:16 AM

Re: Is this cart worth saving?
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Thanks for the input. Here are a couple pics of the rest of the cart. I mean it's nothing show room quality but I figured if I could get it going for cheep enough it might be handy to ride around the farm.

gtruck88 06-28-2022 01:16 PM

Re: Is this cart worth saving?
Bronsonj thanks for the link to your build. I will definitely keep it in mind. I was originally just think about making it electric again, but i do have some broke down equipment that still has good motors. I think most are vertical shaft instead of horizontal tho. But I will have to start taking a closer look. Thanks to everyone for the input so far

adrianp89 06-28-2022 03:33 PM

Re: Is this cart worth saving?
I would take it on. It would be a fun project.

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