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crazyhorse 08-26-2008 05:30 PM

Loss of power on a 02 ezgo st 480
I have almost completed the modifications on my 02 ezgo st480, lifted front 2 inches, added 12" wheels w/23" tires. Painted entire cart, recovered seats. My problem now is that the cart doesn't seem to have much power. It also will continue to run for several seconds after letting off the accelerator. This make it hard to change from drive to reverse quickly. It also spits and sputter when you stop cart and start out again. I have read several post about the governor and throttle adjustments, could this be my problem or is it something more serious? I have also wandered about going to the shorter belt for increased low end torque, but with the 28 degree clutch is this needed? I appreciate your knowledgible opinions! Thanks, sam

ruredy 08-27-2008 05:11 AM

Re: Loss of power on a 02 ezgo st 480
Sounds like the carb has junk in it and needs cleaned. The gov will make it run sluggish on the factory settings but this shouldn't have change any from sitting. I don't see how you could need more low end power, my 480 will spin its big tires taking off and i've only adjusted the gov.

crazyhorse 08-30-2008 08:57 PM

Re: Loss of power on a 02 ezgo st 480
Jon, Many Thanks for all of your advice. It sure has been nice to have somebody that understands these carts to ask quesstions. I have noticed that my cart is blowing out black exhaust, it doesn't do it all the time just on occasion. I have also noticed that it is almost impossible to pull the choke out. Could the choke be part of my problem with the lack of low end power? Thanks, Sam

scottyb 08-30-2008 09:32 PM

Re: Loss of power on a 02 ezgo st 480
Maybe the choke is stuck closed? Can you verify the choke is not closed?

ruredy 08-31-2008 06:19 AM

Re: Loss of power on a 02 ezgo st 480
The choke could be part of the problem, if its stuck partly closed you will be feeding to much gas to the engine. (black smoke) You should have to hold the choke out while you use it, it has a return spring on it that keeps it opened. This needs to be fixed.
Have you adjusted the governor any?

lineman01 08-31-2008 08:44 PM

Re: Loss of power on a 02 ezgo st 480
How much should he adjust the gov.

crazyhorse 09-03-2008 01:04 PM

Re: Loss of power on a 02 ezgo st 480
I spent a few minutes working on the carb this morning. I thoroughly cleaned it. I also cleaned up the choke, it was sticking a little. While I was at it I put on a new feul filter and replaced the air filter. Oh my gosh, this thing will scream. I have adjusted the gov. all the way, it scared me how fast it was! I am now backing it off b/c this cart will be used around the farm and will rarely be ran wide open. It is nice to know though, that it will haul when needed. Thanks to all you guys for the great advice. Sam

crazyhorse 09-03-2008 01:13 PM

Re: Loss of power on a 02 ezgo st 480
By the way, as soon as I get my seats done, I'll post som ebefore and after pics. Thanks again Sam

ruredy 09-03-2008 01:48 PM

Re: Loss of power on a 02 ezgo st 480
Glad to hear you got it going, they'll run faster than you want to be on it :lol: Well, for most people. I was smiling for weeks after I got mine and it still puts a big smile on my face every time I ride it. :mrgreen:

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