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leemc 07-01-2021 04:26 PM

Tomberlin 08 SS48 motor
Hi All,

i think my motor has seen last days, have the dreadful stutter and only slow. I pulled the access panel off and see bad sparks from the brush area under load.
btw, i dont see any blinking lights in controller area peekaboo.

Question: do i just replace motor, if so, should i order stock AM&D(GB9-4001)replacement, or is there a better choice motor replacement to go with stock controller? Or better to send in for rebuild?

any contact for rebuild.... in GA btw.


karly 07-03-2021 10:22 AM

Re: Tomberlin 08 SS48 motor
good luck getting answers on tomberlin ,, i am in same situation with 2007 splines are stripped on motor side of coupler has 14600 miles so think i,m gonna replace motor,, other than insanely expensive ones from dealers and on line D&D motors can replace at least on mine for almost half of others costs if you call ask for eric in engineering good luck jc

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