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bvanzalen 01-27-2020 03:11 PM

1991 Gas Club Car project ran now won't start
Hey guys, I picked up a '91 CC gasser on CL. The owner stated it has no spark and he was told it'll take a $30 part thats "under the flywheel cover". He charged the battery and when I arrived, showed that it turned over but wouldn't fire.

I get it home and note that the battery was junk. Replaced it, turned the key, hit the pedal and she started right up. However, it wouldn't accelerate with the pedal to the floor (rear end on jack stands).

I let it idle for a while and held the pedal to the floor and it seemed to slowly increase in RPM. The wheels just barely started to turn but that's it. It wouldn't increase rpms enough to engage the clutch. Again, with the pedal to the floor.

I noticed the fuel filter was only about 1/4 full of fuel. Is it starving for fuel? Spraying starter fluid into the carb doesn't increase RPMs though...

Any advice would be appreciated.

meimk 01-27-2020 03:33 PM

Re: 1991 Gas Club Car project ran now won't start
My guess is that it's still not really "running", but rather turning over on the starter. 1) Make sure it's actually got spark - either a spark tester or loose spark plug on the wire touching engine ground and look for spark. 2) If you get spark, make sure the carburetor butterfly is actually opening. I know you said you've tried spraying into the carb, but if the throttle plate doesn't open it still won't get enough air & fuel to run. 3) If all that checks out OK, then it's time to test compression.

bvanzalen 01-27-2020 03:39 PM

Re: 1991 Gas Club Car project ran now won't start
Thanks for the reply. I should have edited the title...I tapped the solenoid and it started so that problem is solved. I'll take the carb off and give it a good cleaning.

Are there specs for the needle valves when I reassemble?

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