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Savoy43A 10-22-2021 08:31 PM

Ezgo txt overcharging issue
Is there a way to check the S/G to see if the DF terminal is shorting internally??

Cart is running fine but when you check voltage at battery resting is 12.5 to 12.8 but charging with engine running is close to 19v -

- replaced starter generator
-replaced voltage regulator (2 times)
- replaced solenoid
- checked wiring installation and terminals
- green (DF) wire from S/G is good
- green (DF) wire removed the Volts are still close to 19volts, correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t it drop down to battery volts with green wire removed? Is there a way to check the S/G to see if it’s shorting the DF terminal internally?

Savoy43A 10-22-2021 10:05 PM

Re: Ezgo txt overcharging issue
Removed the S/G part# MOT-2003 and tried to get some readings to see if I noticed any issues-

1st test -
(-)black lead grounded to housing (checked both end caps and middle section with paint removed)
(+) Red lead tested on each A1, A2, DF, F1 and F2 - my thinking was all terminals should have no continuity and read OL on meter
A1: OL
A2: OL
DF: .1 ohms
F1: 5.1 ohms
F2: 5.1 ohms

From what little I can find to read it looks like:
If the F1 or F2 reading is incorrect, it indicates a possible grounded F1 or F2 terminal or a grounded field coil.
If the DF reading is incorrect, it indicates a possible grounded DF terminal or a grounded field coil.

I am thinking maybe the field coil is grounded and causing the issue— any input??

Test 2
(-) black lead- A2 terminal
(+) red lead - A1 terminal
Results = 0.0 (cont)

Test 3
(-) black lead - F2 terminal
(+) red lead - F1 terminal
Results = .1 (cont)

Test 4
(-) black lead - F1 terminal
(+) red lead - DF terminal
Results = 5.5 ohms

Savoy43A 10-23-2021 09:07 PM

Re: Ezgo txt overcharging issue
Issue has been resolved, just as I was suspecting after troubleshooting the
Starter generator was internally shorting the field coil wire to the case which
Which was causing both F terminals and DF terminal to constantly show
Continuity to the case- looked like the manufacturer knew about it and tried to
Fix it with some insulator paper but it had shifted- I moved the wire from touching the housing and wrapped with insulator and sure enough all three terminals were good- re assembled and installed on cart and sure enough the voltage is 12.7 resting and 14.6 charging at high rpm’s - highly recommend bench testing any admiral MOT-2003 starter generators before you leave the
Supplier - most won’t warranty, they are very expensive, and I had two consecutive parts that were both crap with separate issues -

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