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Strongpersuader 03-30-2017 06:41 PM

G16 trans issue
Ok, so the circlip popped loose on the shift shaft and moved out as far as it can go. Now I can't get the shaft back into position to grab forward or reverse gear. I spin the shaft right and left with my fingers but it's not catching anything. I don't have to tear down my trans to get the shift shaft back into position so I? I hope not...

robertakamagoo 03-30-2017 08:02 PM

Re: G16 trans issue
Is the cart jacked up. I was pulling the back clutch off the C clip is away from seal if it's the C clip I'm thinking it there to keep clutch from rubbing on transmission. With cart jacked up move wheels shaft should move.

cgtech 03-31-2017 03:14 AM

Re: G16 trans issue
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Put the nut on the shaft as a handle & prevent it going all the way in the Trans. With care, slowly push shaft back while turning, you will get to a spot where it won't be able to do full turns anymore. Keep going back until you can get full turns again. Come back forward until you get the fork back on the pin. Only one spot of the full turn will "lock in" and will reveal itself because there will be no free play. This pic will help, but it's not perfect (it's a 2017, but has the best illustration of the pin). This is gonna take you a few tries (a few, lol), but can be done without opening or removing the Trans.

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