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libertybellcdr 12-16-2010 03:08 PM

Body Repair
I'm considering the purchase of a 96 TXT Series. The rear panel has a small break in the fiberglass. Can it be patched? Or, do I have to purchase a new panel?

ChevyRacing75 12-16-2010 03:09 PM

Re: Body Repair

Originally Posted by libertybellcdr (Post 493377)
I'm considering the purchase of a 96 TXT Series. The rear panel has a small break in the fiberglass. Can it be patched? Or, do I have to purchase a new panel?

You can do either. A rear body section you can find pretty cheap or you can fix it.

libertybellcdr 12-16-2010 03:11 PM

Re: Body Repair
How do you repair fiberglass?

Spawn 12-23-2010 10:58 PM

Re: Body Repair
You can get a fiberglass repair kit from Ace hardware and some auto parts stores. It should come with some cloth, resin and hardener. Mix small amounts at a time use a disposable brush to wet it out and lightly pat out air after you wet it out. Make sure to scuff up the area on the underside as it may have oils or wax on it. If you have a marine supply shop they will have better stuff. Some of the kits use the fine woven cloth. I like the stranded type of cloth and then use the woven as the last top layer. You could also use a plastic putty spreader to get out the air but don't press to hard or you will push out all the resin. Make sure you get some acetone to clean up your hand and get some latex rubber dish gloves and you wont get it all under your fingernails.

I use 2 methods for applying the Glass. Get some cardboard. Take scissors and cut out 3 layers about 2 inches or more around the area to be patched (welded) together. Just like painting a wall, wet a area on the cardboard. Add the first layer and lightly paint on some resin, dont wait to see it go clear, and add another layer, repeat till you get to the last. Be quick dont go slow waiting to see it get real wet or it will fall apart later. Now be quick and peal it off the card board and apply it to the area. Now pat out or squeegy out the air again, dont be to hard and force out the resin. You will see it go kinda white looking or it will smear all over the place if you press to hard. Just pat/dab it out and you will see through it to the original area. work from the center to the edges, it will look a little hazy. Now put it out in the sun or add some heat. Make sure you have lots of vetilation and dont do it in the garage your wife will kill you when she smells it.

Then get some bondo and smooth out the outside. Prime and do your custom paint.

I did commercial fiberglass work for industrial as well as boats and cars. Its not bad just remember to try and do it when it is warm but not to hot or it will harden (kick off) before you get out all the air. A small heater can accelerate the drying time. If it is too cold it may not harden and then you will have a real mess.

Here is a link to some tutorial videos.

libertybellcdr 12-23-2010 11:03 PM

Re: Body Repair
This thread needs to be deleted. I didn't buy the cart.

Spawn 12-23-2010 11:18 PM

Re: Body Repair
Could be useful for someone else.

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