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PARS11 04-02-2018 06:31 PM

09 YDRE Won’t Move After Removing Motor
Just picked up a used 2009 YDRE. Cart has 6in lift with 23” tires and stock motor and controller. After getting it home and taking it for a spin the cart topped out at 11mph. Wanting more speed I picked up XCT 48400 from alltrax upgraded to a heavy duty solenoid and swapped out the old cables for a 4 guage set. After putting it all back together I was running about 13mph on the flats and the max motor rpm was only 2700. I called alltrax tech support and they requested a log file. They checked the file and said everything looks ok accept the motor current was around 200 and it should be closer to 120. The tech suggested taking a look at the motor and cleaning out the carbon with compressed air. I removed the motor and cleaned it out with the compressed air(There was quite a bit of carbon) and put everything back together. Switched the tow switch to run turned the key on and pressed the throttle and the cart barley moved then stopped after about 3 ft and now doesn’t move. I took the motor back off and checked to make sure I didn’t spin a post and brake one of the F1/F2 cables inside and everything looked fine. I tried it with the speed sensor unplugged and got the same results. This is my first time working with a cart looking for some troubleshooting recommendations. Is there a good way to check if the motor is bad? Is there anything else I may have done that could have broke something?

cgtech 04-02-2018 07:36 PM

Re: 09 YDRE Won’t Move After Removing Motor
Take the motor apart further, inspect terminals (that you were suspicious of), and wiggle/move the 4 carbon brushes to see that they aren't "hung up" at all. This will give you a chance to check their length too. Any nasty grooves & funny rainbow colors on the commutator are a bad sign. Commutator is the copper bars the brushes press up against. This is surely a motor issue of some sorts.

PARS11 04-02-2018 08:10 PM

Re: 09 YDRE Won’t Move After Removing Motor
Thanks for the quick response. I’ll pull the motor back out and see if I can find any discoloration on the commutator or any other issues.

PARS11 04-02-2018 08:35 PM

Re: 09 YDRE Won’t Move After Removing Motor
Pulled the motor apart and inspected the commutator and the commutator is toast. Must have bought a lemon lol. Looks like I will need to replace the motor. Any recommendations for motors? Cart is used for neighborhood cruising only. Looking for something that runs between 18-20 mph.

LPnTX 04-03-2018 08:55 AM

Re: 09 YDRE Won’t Move After Removing Motor
call Don PLowman of PLowmans Carts or Scotty B. Both are sponsors on this site

Freckles 04-03-2018 06:04 PM

Re: 09 YDRE Won’t Move After Removing Motor
Plowmans Riot Kit for G29 is awesome

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