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Default Re: Workhorse and MPT...I have my work cut out for me

The MCI coil will work but you need the connector to plug it in or make you one. I have tried a MCI coil on the Pre-Mci engine and it will work fine. I got one on one of my carts now. I just wanted to make sure they work. I use this cart everyday and no issues.

I would use the pre mci pulser if you can fine one. Good luck on that one. Also like Cartmaster said you got to use the Pre-Mci ignitor. They still sell them at Country Cat but are over $200. Worth every penny. Stop you from throwing things if you get the OEM and not those cheap ones.

A wiring harness would be nice but you could make one yourself.

In 2018 I converted a 2004 workhorse that came with the MCI engine to the Pre Mci engine and my wife uses it all the time.

Even though those MCI engines start quicker on cold starts I don't like the oiling system that was used on the MCI's. The MCI cart I bought also had a hole in the block and I had a good 350 Pre Mci engine. Love it.
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