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Default Re: The CLONE engine setup & specs thread

It looks like I could mount the adapter without the spacer behind it at all, against the shoulder, and it still would be out more than stock...though that might work ok. From what I know you want the clutch as close to the block as you can, but I don't know how far the adapter goes into the clutch didn't play with that. I will work on it more this weekend try to get the yam clutch mounted and then make a motor mount for it....going to keep the generator too this might be interesting. Hope it turns that hog over it has plenty of compression....can always use the starter if we have to I suppose but don't want it to work that way.

After that will have to build the airbox and exhaust. Have some 3/4 alum going to try to make a carb spacer with the pickup for the fuel pump.
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