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Default Re: 2001 EZ-GO Clicking won't go

Originally Posted by rabbitreborn View Post
ummm not to second guess Roady, but were you jumping wires on the F&R or on the solenoid? From what I am reading it sounds like you were jumping the F&R and getting results, If so, then likely as not you have some burnt contacts on the F&R and will need either some new studs, a new cam, or possibly a complete new F&R. Pictures would help to determine the extent of the damage and I am sure Scotty can assit you with whatever parts you have a need for since he is a site sponsor.
No reason to second guess, thats why I said IF he jumped it because he wasn't clear.

Originally Posted by jwlyons View Post
I was jumping the F&R and getting results. If I dont't jump then just clicking from the selonoid. On one of the photo's I have blue tape on the leads that I jumped. See photo... Thanks Joe

One of your F/R terminals looks a little cooked . Try this: While pressing down on the pedal wiggle the F/R back and forth and see if it jumps. If it does then you need a F/R switch.
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