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Default Re: 2012 EZGo Express S4 accessories; lifts, etc..?

Dr. T,
The 7140 is the correct LT for our cart (4-bolt steering column).
Grill guard is "detachable". It does interfere with the stock brush guard if the little grill guard is mounted as in Jakes picture; but this detachable little grill guard can also be mounted upside down...and when its installed that way, it doesnt interfere with the brush guard, will interfere with the A-arm movement of the suspension. It would clear A-arms just fine with 1" cut off the ends of the little grill guard. Hard to explain and i know its a long winded explanation. IN A NUT SHELL...DONT WORRY ABOUT THE LITTLE GRILL guard, its detachable!!!
No altering of grill guard for me, i elected not to put the guard on, because Ive got a 3000lb Warn winch mounted in the 2" receiver up there!!!
Ive read similar blogging about the Jakes rear LT payload/ride....but Ive YET to find ANYONE that has ACTUALLY purchased it and put it on, and spoke of their first hand knowledge of the payload differences. I think basically what it boils down to is....if we soften up the rear to make the ride better on rough terrain, we give up 'some' payload. Im willing to give up some payload, for a little softer ride. Because i rarely ride with rear passengers or a big trailer on the back. I just dont want to break the bank improving the rear end ride...thats why im considering one leaf with adjustable shocks.
Think Id get more use out of a softer ride anyway! If i do load it down, I'll just drive slow and take it easy. Which is what i do all the time anyway!
Hope my long explanations helped a bit.

Also, what is the benefit of the Erlandson clutch kit?
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