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Default Re: 1989 G1 Rear axle bearing replacement

New seal arrived today and matched the old one exactly. Headed back over to the farm to install and put it all back together with the cleaned axle tube and repaired axle. Seal went in fine with a block of wood "persuading" it. Next came the axle tube flange attachment bolts at the transaxle and the four axle tube support bolts to secure it all in place. Put the backing plate and brake shoe assembly in place, inserted the axle shaft and everything slid into place nice as can be. Tightened the seal retainer/backing plate assembly bolts through the holes in the hub, put the brake drum back on and then wheel. Had also notice the 2-stroke oil feed line to the pump had cracked and was leaking, so replaced that line and while I had the axle tube off earlier, noticed the transaxle oil looked like it had water in it and had emulsified. Drained the transaxle oil and refilled with clean 80W gear oil. Hopped on and took it for a test drive. Worked like a champ! $42 dollars total for the axle repair and new seal including shipping.
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