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Default Re: G9 Stops running after 10 minutes

My first guess is that it's not getting fuel. When it stalls, check to see if there is fuel in the carb or use a spray bottle with gas in it and spray it into the carb and see if it fires up. It might be using the fuel in the carb bowl and not re-filling it fast enough. If that's the case, the carb probably needs disassembled and cleaned. Also your fuel pump might be suspect, they do go bad when the get old, the rubber diaphram can deteriorate. Check all your rubber fuel lines and make sure they aren't old and hard and cracked. When the fuel lines get old and hard they can leak vacuum, replace them at that point. You could have a condition where the fuel pump is pumping, but very slowly, that could be a bad pump or bad fuel hoses. There is also fuel filter in the bottom of the tank, bad design, but most of us remove that and eliminate it, in favor of a clear inline fuel filter, $5 at the parts store.
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