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Default Re: 2000 Club Car DS Gas flooding out

Did you replace all that stuff BECAUSE it was flooding out? or for other reasons?

Typically if it's flooding it's either dirt not allowing the float needle to seat, or I've had a few of them now that the o-ring on the back side of the seat where the plastic seals to the aluminum carb housing, will leak through that o-ring despite the needle seating fully.

All it takes is one spec of sand in there for it to flood. Doesn't take much at all. However, in replacing all the other stuff (coil, fuel pump, etc) if you used aftermarket parts, you very well may have actually created more problems than you started with. AFtermarket coils are known to fail very quickly. I've had bad aftermarket fuel pumps out of the box, or within 10 minutes of run time. Buying a Mikuni fuel pump is very important, you can get a briggs and stratton mikuni on amazon for around 20 bucks and it's the same thing as the OEM club car, just has a B&S logo tooled into the plastic. You can get an OEM coil from david hicks, I wouldn't buy an ignition coil anywhere else.

First you need to drain the oil and get the gas out of there. It's going to do nothing good. Then I would give them OEM carb a good cleaning and make sure the needle is seating all the way, and the o-ring on the back side of the seat isn't leaking. IF it is, buy a new OEM carb. Yes they're expensive but it beats trying 20 aftermarket ones and hoping one of them isn't garbage straight out of the box.
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