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Default Re: Workhorse and MPT...I have my work cut out for me

First of these ugly beasts to get working is the MPT. I'm guessing it is the 800 model as it is a short wheel base. I can't determine the year of mfg...the tag has been removed from the dash. If it helps, it has a pre-MCI motor as identified by the cast iron exhaust header, but it is older than 2001.5, as the steering box is on the axle, and has the single arm gear change switch. I'm guessing 2002/2003.

I got a functional starter/generator installed, tried hooking up the solenoid. Initially, it wouldn't start on pedal press. I had key on, pedal pressed, and jumped the solenoid and the motor turned over. It wouldn't quit turning over after letting up on the pedal, and turning off the key. During testing, I usually leave the positive terminal on the battery loose enough that I can twist it down tight on the tapered post, and can twist it off if needed, which is how I stopped the starter. I'm guessing the solenoid is getting stuck in the closed position when energized, and releases when it loses power as when the battery is reconnected, the solenoid is no longer energized. I have one red wire not connected and has no place to go, so not sure what it is yet. The red wire that goes to the reverse switch and buzzer is connected and functions, so it isn't that one. I found a few wiring diagrams for EZGO workhorse and TXT's but they don't seem to match up.

Anyone have a wiring diagram?

Once we get this thing turning over correctly, we can deal with the reported issue...backfiring out of carb, won't run.
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