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Default Re: Workhorse and MPT...I have my work cut out for me

Originally Posted by Cartmaster View Post
Watching this one! If you decide to go with the mci engine you will need the correct ignition parts, coil, exhaust etc to go with it.
Hey Cart,
or anyone that knows,
Do you know if there is anything in the machine, away from the engine that is dedicated to either MCI, or pre-MCI? I have read on a separate blog that you can't put a Pre-MCI motor in an MCI machine without a new wiring harness. I think the "mechanic" that worked on my 800 series MPT put a Pre-MCI motor a cart that originally had an MCI motor. While I can't tell the age of the machine, Its a guess based on age as they started using the MPT moniker in 2004, and they started using MCI motors in 2003. Since mine is labeled MPT, it should be 2004 or newer and an MCI machine. It definitely has a Pre-MCI motor in it now. What needs to change in the cart for the Pre-MCI ignition set up to work right. I think that might be the problem they were having with it.

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