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Default Re: EZ go just stops with slight hum when pedal is down

Ok it is a EZ-GO TXT 27647-GO1
FnR swith is by legs between driver and passenger.
NO toggle swith on controller cover.
Also, just checked it again and it worked for a few minutes then very low power with vibrating hum. Hooked it back up to charger and batteries were full. I jacked up the back wheels to see if they spin when I hit the gas pedal. They did but I could easily stop the wheel with my hand. Then I pushed gas pedal again while jacked up and the wheel barely turned. While I was doing this I noticed a thin wisp of smoke from one of the battery terminals which just happens to be the one a friend helped me jerry rig. The Golfcart mecahnic that worked on it last messed up one terminal and my friend re-tapped it with a bolt. That was over 8 months ago. I felt the battery cable to this terminal and it was HOT. None of the others were.

Oh and how would I check the pack voltage?
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