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Default Re: 2001 EZ-GO Clicking won't go

Originally Posted by scottyb View Post
I think you still have some bad contact in the F&R.... In your pic the blue tape is on the terminal at 9 o'clock and 6 o'clock Jumping them connects motor terminal S1 with Controller terminal B+.... You say you have only F or R now. Try this test ~ swap cables at 9 and 3 ... do not jumper, just swap them. If you have Rev and not Forward now the F&R contacts are likely still at fault.

You can try tighten the nut (B) on the Center Pivot (X) nut a turn or 2 (max) to increase contact pressure.
Did it and just as you said have REV and not FWD. Will try tighten on nut B.
Thanks Joe
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