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Default Re: 2012 EZGo Express S4 accessories; lifts, etc..?

I agree, in my research I have found with 'some parts', the TXT accessories are interchangeable. The brush guard/front canopy struts mounting location width and bolt spacings are same as TXT. But the cowl different, so txt brushguards will work...careful of the different cowl shapes.
My cart has the 4 bolt at the floor. So the Jakes 7140 was the correct IFS.

Its original stock ezgo front and rear cowls, the color in the brochure calls the color Monster Green, I believe.

Thank you KGSC!!!!
Ive never owned a golf cart ever...and I luv this thang now that i have it!!!!

Its gas 401cc Kawa. The dealer, not I, opened up the govenor cable or whatever you call it. It went from 14mph to 24 mph, on gps, on the same stock 10 inch original wheels and tires 22" kendas.

I also had the dealer drop in the Erlandson clutch kit, thats made for this cart!
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