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Default Re: 2012 EZGo Express S4 accessories; lifts, etc..?

Dr T,
Almost forgot....Erlandson clutch kit. I didnt take this cart out and push it hard up steep hills until after the clutch kit. So my before and after knowledge is not superb. However, I had read and become comfortable recognizing that this golf cart stock, may not be the best hill climber. I also knew I would be eventually adding 25" tall tires, that I know would deteriate torque. With these things in mind...i figured improving the clutching system with a kit would be a good investment. I took the cart out this past weekend with my son. We climbed some seriously steep hills!!! I was impressed! Was following a buddy on a 2011 Honda 4-wheeler...we went everywhere he could go!
Another interesting 'find' that we made was, my cart already has 'positive traction/limited slip'!!! I was elated when we discovered this...because I was thinking all along that my cart didnt have this, and that one day i would have to add it. NO NEED...ALREADY GOT IT!!!! I think this also explains a little bit why we were able to keep up with the 4 wheeler! Positive track, clutchkit, IFS! So happy!
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