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Default Re: 1 Main Rocker——4 Sub-Rockers....How many Fuses?

Originally Posted by VanillaXtract View Post
You can only do that with properly sized circuit. If you have a 10A load you can't just throw in a 20A fuse if the wiring is only rated for 15A.
This is absolutely correct. (I do this stuff for a living in the automotive world :)) However, as I said there was no information if the provided current draws of those accessories are max (peak) current or continuous current. That makes all the difference in the world for selecting wire size as well as fusing. Length of the wire run also must be taken into account, many people forget that.

When selecting wire size, it is always better to err on the size of bigger is better. Within reason of course... you CAN run 1/0 AWG for a 5A LED lightbar and it won't hurt anything... it will just make running the wires more difficult and in the case of running a pair of 1/0 to a lightbar on the roof, be ugly.
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