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Default Re: 2012 precedent OBC and Curtis controller

For now, I wouldn't worry over the obc as long as it working.
The first upgrades should be controller, solenoid and cables.
Go with a 500 amp alltrax, super duty solenoid and 4awg cables.
The motor in your cart can't handle 500amps, but you can dial down the alltrax amperage to stay in motor specs. I run my Precedent at 400 amps on 20 inch tires at 25MPH+ with no problem. You will need the higher amps for the torque when you go to larger tires.
To answer your obc question,the obc will not affect cart performance.
If you remove obc ,the cart loses it ability to monitor the charge.
The disadvantage: none.
Obc's suck.
You will have to buy a smart charger. It does the job of the obc much better.
I have seen a large improvement in range and battery life using DPI smart chargers.
They will maintain charge as well, by float charging.
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