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G9, just crank up the tension cable don't bother with a short belt (imo). If you don't have one on there buy it or make one, its under the gen pulley. You can crank them tight enough to cut your top speed easily and it helps take off quiet a bit at that point. That is how I set mine I used a hand gps to check speed over 100yd run or so and stopped on a steep little hill to gauge take off.....about 6 runs I had it dialed in to same top speed and much better take off on the hill (take off from engine not running). You could also try that HD kevlar belt it is little wider and rides higher on secondary, that should help some. A cut secondary also helps take off to 5mph or so, but most important it lets it rev up faster. Of course before you do those things clean/service the clutches and make sure they are working right.
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