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Default Re: Alarm sounding in forward. No movement in forward or reverse

Please when asking for help from FORUM INCLUDE MAKE, MODEL, YEAR, VOLTAGE and if not sure Give Complete Serial Number as it really makes a difference on how speedy we can help you. Was this a NEW CART or a USED UNIT? If you got the cart from either a private party or dealer I would call them to come back and fix it to your satisfaction? If cart was purchased sight unseen with no warentee we can help but first the seller should stand behind the sold product? if you get no results from seller you should contact Better Buisness Burea?
If cart was sold from a written ad of some kind keep a copy for any later action needed. From what you say I would wonder why he would be making changes in your driveway unless the cart was defective to start with?
Good luck and let us know if we can help you either way things go.
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