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Default Re: "Early 90's EZGO - Needs a Rebuild"

OK! Some progress on the "Vomit Comet" tonight (it's a vomit green color).

Got two compression testers - one didn't work, and the other registered 30 psi without a proper seal (basically piece of hose on the spark plug opening). I'm guessing that I'm looking at a rebuild, like it or not.

However, spark was good, and after I thoroughly soaked the carb, lo and behold, the engine started. Can't say it ran that bad (steady, no misses), but the RPMs never came up (even at full throttle). Then, after it burned off the carb cleaner (I think), it wouldn't start again.

Also of note, when turning the engine over, there was a bit of a rotten egg smell which disappeared. This was then followed (while running) by a smell that was a cross between paint thinner and magic markers. While running, there was also very little visible exhaust coming out of the head (muffler is off).

I'm guessing that the gas is bad, and/or there is a fuel feed issue. Mind you, there was some gas in the carb bowl, but the gas smells like the solvent/magic marker combo. The inside of the carb looked fine, though it did have the expected varnish. It's squeaky clean now.

Just wondering if there are few things I should try before doing the rebuild. Even if the compression is low, it would be nice to at least get the motor running, and diagnose any issues it has. This way, when I do the rebuild, any non-running issues will be related to that and nothing I haven't done now.

BTW I sprayed the linkage under the driver's seat with some desticker - looks like it was a bit bunged. Now the engine only turns over when the pedal is pressed. Yay.

And one last question - if my cylinder looks good, can I get away with a new piston/rings, or is the kit recommended? How do I know if I can do one, or need to do the whole rebuild?
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