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Default Re: "Early 90's EZGO - Needs a Rebuild"

Well, it looks like a rebuild is inevitable. Fresh gas and filter in today, followed by "Why is there no fuel getting to the carb" followed by "I must have an airlock" followed by pulling the hose off the carb and getting fuel fed.

However, no joy. It looks like the compression I had yesterday was enough to combust carb cleaner, but not gas/air. I sprayed more carb cleaner into the air intake today, and I confirmed this with a few lovely backfires. So fuel is feeding, spark plus is sparking, and honestly, the read with my buddy's pressure gauge yesterday was likely right.

It's not like 30 psi is blowing a seal off or anything.

So now the question is, do I try piston/rings, or do the whole top end. Since my cylinder still looks pretty good, what do you guys recommend?
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