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Default Re: "Early 90's EZGO - Needs a Rebuild"

Well, hate to bring an old thread back, but just wanted to give an update.

The cart is pretty much done. Had it stall out on me a couple of days ago, and found no gas in the carb bowl. Think there was an issue with the spring loaded tab that allows gas to flow into the bowl, then think I put the bowl screw on too tight (where it couldn't draw due to the screws' intakes mismatched with the gaps on the bowl).

Regardless, it's running even better than usual, and starting better with less choke - I think the new plug I put in at the same time (a hotter one) may have helped.

Also wanted to put the before and after pics up. I still have to add some lights and a stereo, but for all intensive purposes, the cart is done. The base color is metallic brown, accented with copper and the genuine Naugahyde (yes, genuine) seats.



Ready to go golfing, and thanks to BCM for the carb break apart he posted in a different discussion. Helped me clean it back down.

Also hoping the fuel issues will stop - went and filled up today at roughly 80:1 (I only ran about 1/3rd a tank at 40:1) and I'll go to 120:1 next tank.
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