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Default Troubleshooting Help 03 TXT

I have an 03 TXT with the following components
Altrax controller 400 amp
EMP 2 speed motor
4 gauge wires
Trojan T-105 Batteries

All connections are clean and tight batteries are tested to 6.50 volts and all load test as good.

The cart was experiencing heat problems across all battery wires from the F/R switch as well as the pack. Dissambled F/R switch and found a loose stud on board side and replaced along with HD Buss Bars. The cam board shows significnat heat signs but did not replace.

The cart is still experiencing heat problems in all battery wires and on F/R board and on positive wires from solenoid to controller. The only problem I can identify is that the F/R studs are not mated evenly and there are gaps in the surface between the board studs and the cam studs. Could this be the likely cause of the entire system heating up?
Can a stock solenoid cause this problem with the upgraded components above?
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