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Default 92 Yamaha fouling plugs

Guys, my neighbor at the campground has a 92 yamaha golf cart that we are having problems with. Every once in a while it will foul a plug, sunday he was driving it and stopped to visit and when he went to take off the plug was fouled. This happens a couple times a year. All the maintance has been done, new air filter fresh oil change, fuel filter, valves adjusted.
If you put a new plug in it it will fire right up and away you go, it only happens a couple times a year but its driving him nuts . Other than the random fouling of the plug it runs great the rest of the time. Anyone got any ideas? One other question, in the yamaha parts look up a g8 and g9 take different spark plugs? but in the sticky there is a g2-g0 sticky wich calls for the same plug?
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