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Default Ezgo governor adjustment 4 strokes

The governor is the device that limits the speed of the engine. The Ezgo carts are set to run around 12 - 15 mph from the factory, this is to reduce liability for golf course's. It is also a federal mandate (USA)that these vehicles go no faster than 19.9 mph. Any faster and the cart makers would be required have to have seat belts and other saftey features which are not practical.
Ok, with that said the gas carts can run faster by adjusting the governor, but keep in mind that running the engine faster will increase engine wear.

The governor is located on top of the rear axle housing, on some models there will be a protection plate above it.
There are a few different types depending on the year of the cart. This is for the 4 stroke carts (it's the same for some of the last 2 stroke models but i'm not sure of the years). The first one starting around 1991 to 2000 will look like this.

The threaded rod that runs through the spring has a bigger nut and a locking nut which is wire tied on factory carts to hold it in place. These will need to be tightend up till the desired speed is reached.

These engines have a rev limiter which will cut the ignition off and on around 4300 rpm. The engine will sputter at higher speeds. You need to set the governor so the engines speed is under the rev limiter. It will take some adjusting to get this just right.

The 2001 and up is adjusted the same way(brand new models may not be the same), it looks a little different and has only one self-locking nut.

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