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Default Re: BigBattery 48v HSKY Discouraging News

Ronno, I really think that 53.2 resting voltage is what you want to extend the life of your pack. I think you are fine.

53.12 volts is 3.32 volts per cell which is excellent. It may only be 90% SOC but your battery monitor and shunt will configure this as 100%. If you can't get 50 miles with your pack on level pavement, I'll give you a refund....well forget that part.

In the woods where you roam, 50 miles could never be achieved but you are in excellent operating condition anyway. When you get down to a minimum of 51.5 volts, which will be around 20% SOC, recharge it. If I were you, I would recharge when you hit 50% charge. Two 50% charges equals one life cycle.

As far as the bluetooth apps, I don't have that feature and don't even want it. The dash gauges are all I need to see where I am at. As long as my BMS does its thing, I'm happy.

Have I told you I really like my Eco Battery yet?
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