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Default Re: Lithium (Allied) Installation Question

Originally Posted by cnaught View Post
Does anyone know if the run/tow switch can be used to shut off all draw from the batteries? And if so, what about if I add a 48v-12v converter, could that also be shutoff from the tow switch so that it doesn't have any draw from the batteries.

Like I said, I heard that with the allied batteries, even a small amount of draw while the cart is resting can prevent their BMS from balancing the batteries correctly, as they balance properly when there is absolutely no draw from them.
With the switch in "tow", the meter on my cart reads 0.09 amps, so it is not zero.
This is on 03 club car DS.
Note: I did not wire the meter with ignition key because it goes to "sleep" if no current draw is detected. So, most likely the 0.09 amps was from when I hit the button for it to wake up.
Not sure if that helps?
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