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Default G16 Seems to constantly foul plugs

Inherited a G16 a couple years ago (believe it's a 1997 model) here in the Bahamas that we use every other month when we come over.
Was having probelms with it running, so I replaced carb, but never adjusted it, and every few trips over here the only way to keep it running is to replace spark plug.
Local cart "fix-it" guy says the reason plug keeps fouling is because its getting too much gas and he wants to pull head and reseat valve(s) by "lapping" (which I think means grinding) them.
Sounds like a big job, and was wondering if I shouldn't consider other solutions such as making sure carb is adjusted correctly.
Am somewhat mechanical, but I have never adjusted a carb.
Maybe should also mention that it has never run without having the choke cable pulled out which is really not been a problem, but thought it might give a clue as to my issue.
Would adjustring the carb be a good place to start before letting him go into the engine, and if so, any advice as to how to adjust the 2 screws, one which is very small and had a black plastic cap on it?
Thanks for any advice.
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