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Default Re: G16 Seems to constantly foul plugs

Correct oil to use is 10W-30. Regular dino oil is ok, synthetic (like Mobil 1, etc.) is best.

Here is a quote I found that covers carb. adjustment:
"So as not to confuse you there are 2 adjustments on the carburetor. One is the idle adjustment screw or the low speed adjuster (because these cars don't really idle). It is the adjuster that goes in at an angle and it is the one closest to the engine. It comes stock with a plastic limiting cap on it. If you take that cap off, and you do need to clean it on occasion, you can adjust it and that one gets adjusted 1 1/2 turns out. The other screw that GCtech is talking about is the throttle stop screw. That one should be adjusted so it just touches the tang on the throttle arm of the carburetor."

The air filter is a paper element and usually, any attempts at cleaning make things worse, so I wouldn't recommend cleaning. I've seen these filter tune up kits on E-bay. Perhaps you could have one shipped to you. Good luck - RAY
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