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Default Re: 12x7 cart Cragar SS wheels ... On a car.

Hi Greg.

Good luck getting cart wheels to safely work on your project. Maybe if you spoke with some of this sites sponsors who sell the wheels they could directly answer some of your questions? I'd sure be concerned with safety.

I found 13's locally and the bolt pattern is generic as you can see in this picture.
The holes are oval and fit multiple 4 bolt spaces.

Before I put mine on the cart I was online searching for low profile tires. All I could find shorter then 24" high were either out of the UK, or a local junk yard. You might try going with 13" rims if you can find a European MFG of low pros? I think I saw 155/50R13 maybe it was 165/50R13? I ended up with 155/80R13 from the local yard.

I'm finding it funny how you want to put cart wheels on a car, and I put car wheels on a cart.

What is this world coming too!

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