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Default Cart Shuttering

I've looked through previous posts and found several different answers to my question. None what I was looking for though.

I have a 94 Club Cart, its 36v. The cart was shuttering during takeoff. It also would shutter once I was going and then put the throttle on the floor. I've replaced the batteries with new Trojans and also replaced the speed controller(since it went out). I've also replaced the brushes on the motor. The cart still shutters. I've also checked all the connections and they are all tight.

My question is, would bad cables make this problem occur? They do not appear to be the stock cables but they are 6-gauge. Would #4 make a difference in the performance? Or just fix the problem for that matter? I have not checked the v-glide or cleaned it for that matter.

I've been told by my local shop I'd need a motor after I bought all these parts from them. I'm trying to do the simple things before I jump into changing the motor.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.
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