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Default Front Brakes - Hydraulic vs Cable ...suggestions???

Looking for some input on front brakes. As I have mentioned in some of my other posts, I bolted on the front suspension from a 2003 Club Car carryall 272. That front suspension has hydraulic drum brakes. The rest of my cart 1992 CC has cable rear drums. I'd like to setup 4 wheel brakes, but not sure what would be the best way to go. I would assume the easiest and cheapest way would be to see if someone had cables and parts to convert my hydraulic over to cable fronts. If anyone has info on adding front cable activated drums to the front of a regular cart that would be great. brackets, cables etc... that would be needed.
I guess plumbing brake lines and adding fluid wouldn't bee bad either...I still have the lines, master cylinder, brackets and a couple sets of rear axles with hydraulic drums if I wanted to go with a fully hydraulic conversion. The biggest issue is finding a place for the master cylinder. The 272 is about a foot longer, and it was mounted under the seat. My 92 doesn't have that luxury.

Forgive my babbling...I'm thinking and typing at the same time.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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