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Default Re: Onward Lithium replacement gears

Originally Posted by DaveTM View Post
Interesting. (I'm no engineer) I dunno what the weight loss pickup on your cart was when you swapped from FLA to Lith. so a higher ratio could be done without to much additional "stress" on the motor.

But....and I have no proof of this.....I'm thinking that those initial starts will put more pressure on the motor to perform....and the "push" to increase top speed will cause more amps to draw.

And IIRC.....pulling more amps either turns into the motor using more energy.....or if not....turns into heat.

I'm just thinking out loud here.

I think his is a factory lithium cart, if I'm not mistaken - hence no weight loss, and likely a very large commensurate increase in amp draw from the battery due to the 8:1 gearing.

Another concern with this scenario to me, in addition to the drop in efficiency and loss of acceleration would be the stock controller now dealing with increased current that it isn't expecting. Maybe somebody can program those things to accommodate the changes he's making? - not sure - and maybe it will work OK w/out changing anything.

The "Lithium HP" carts had just recently been introduced when I was buying, and I remember my major concern when purchasing my Onward was probable difficulty in being able to mod one of those. I felt like I may eventually end up having to pull out the controller, the battery and the motor to get significantly higher speeds, responsiveness and range out of it, negating the benefits of the "Lithium HP" -vs- modding the non-lithium version (where of course I ended up pulling out the motor, controller, and FLA batteries - but I had planned on doing that first thing, knowing I wasn't going to be happy with 19mph).

Hopefully, since they've been around a while now, the knowledge base is better and maybe the controller, motor, or lithium pack might be able to be mixed and matched with other, higher performance counterparts, or be re-programmed to better match changes in other components. My sense was that it was / is a very well engineered system of motor, controller, BMS and battery that was all integrated very intelligently, but that wasn't really supposed to be separated - if its stock performance was about what you were looking for, you were in good shape but if you wanted to mess with it you may have some difficulty.
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