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Default Re: About to put Roypow S51160 in a 2016 EZGO RXV

Originally Posted by Mobilekaraoke View Post
Iím going to manufacture a battery tray for my RXV using an old bed frame as angle iron. I bought a Roypow S51160 from The drop down box had a mounting bracket listed for the RXV. My wife calls me captain overkill, so naturally I bought the 160ah version because the website listed brackets for my cart. Well, any need brackets? The battery will technically fit, but the original tray will have to me removed and a new one created. I will take pics along the way and post them when itís all complete.
My buddy in the maintenance shop at the course helped me with mine. He had to cut out existing supports that ran diagonal in between lead batteries. Then I bought some fat bar from home depot and he welded 2 of them in the bottom for support.
I have a rxv 2015 with Extreme team 48v 150ah pack
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