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Default Re: G16 Carb problems

Originally Posted by crash12888 View Post
It doesn't have an adjustment for the high speed circuit. It is a fixed jet.
There are several causes to having to use the choke.
1) High speed jet is clogged
2) Air leak between the carb and engine block
3) leaking air filter box causing lean condition, (Yamaha very picky about this)
4) Carb float set too low in bowl.
I'm experiencing the same problems, (having to run with choke on all the time) on my G16. I have a new carb, set the jet screw to 1-1/2 turns, have gasket between carb and block, but don't know how to check or adjust the floats. Also, my choke lever won't stay out by itself. Is there a squeeze adjustment? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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