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Default goes back not forward

this is a western[ezgo chassis] pds 48v with 8-6v batts. 2003 model. since this cart was new i have had the same problems, the dealer has had the cart numerous times[he is also one of the owners of western] the controller has been replaced, rebuilt 5 times,[curtis1264-5405] the motor speed sensor 3 times. f/r switch 1 time, solenoid 1 time. all wires have been checked for continuity and most connectors soldered,the last time it stopped going forward and i sent the controller in to flight systems they sent me a rebuilt off the shelf and it worked for 4 mos. before quitting, i sent cont. back to fs and they say nothing wrong but send me another off the shelf. this cart still will not go forward. the solenoid does not engage for forward but works fine for reverse. occasionally in the past if i worked the throttle up & down ,switched the storage switch a few times, i could get it to go forward for a day or so before quitting unless i backed up & then no forward again. myself, the western factory and the dealer can not find the problem. none of us think it could be the cont. help please. thanks, kirk
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