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Default Re: DIY - 4 x 12v to 6 x 8V Conversion (Part 1)

Looks Awesome!
Looks like you're using Trojan Batteries.
I hope you went with the T-890 's. (rated at 190AH at the 20hr rate)

You have to be cautious, Trojan sells a T-860 that will end up not being significantly different than the 12V packs because they both have a 150AH current rating at the 20hr rate, and only marginal difference in their overall capacity. The T-875 is better, but not by a whole lot.

They all look identical on the outside and even have the same case dimensions. The difference is in their plate design. They slightly modify a waffle-like pattern on the plates that yields a high surface area of lead composite. The general rule of thumb I've seen printed often is "more lead is better". This is true, but less important than surface area is. More surface area = higher capacity.
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