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Default Re: Cart will not move under own power

Originally Posted by power791 View Post
I have a 1990 club car that the kf82 engine was recently changed in. The drive clutch seems to float rather than putting pressure on the belt causing it to rise and the cart to move.
The engine was rebuilt/exchanged at J&M Golf Carts. It was installed and the person working on it had a stroke so I got pulled in. I finished the install and the cart runs but will not pull itself when stepping on the gas. Jacked up the rear end and it will pull the tire until you put your foot on the tire. Watching the centrifugal clutch/drive clutch it expands as you are gassing it and the belt wants to climb but it appears the clutch goes back enough the belt can not catch the sides.

I have an EZ-GO with a club car engine and it appears to be setup all the same. I have not been into the clutch on the EZ-GO but feel like some springs may be missing or does it completely operate from the spinning without springs?
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