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Originally Posted by muckinfonkey View Post
Hey everyone,

Soooo, I called my local Yamaha dealer for a price on Solenoids for my old J14 Yamaha. 1.) They don't make them anymore..... 2.) the last price they had for them was $400 A PIECE!!!! So needless to say, if I can't find a better price, she'll be going out to pasture.
I've been looking online and have seen some rebuild kits for some different older solenoids, but not exactly like mine. These are square top with several terminals coming from the top... none from the bottom.
Any advice on this..... I imagine there must be a way to use different solenoids but I wouldn't know where to begin. Or maybe there is a process for cleaning or rebuilding them. Any advice would be great!!!!!!
Man I feel for ya! One thing you might try... Carefully take the top off the solenoid and claen and sand the "round contact smooth and "flip" the "bar" contact over. Hope this helps. Late Dave
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