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LMAO - You're right on several levels there, KG ....

I too have ground the flats off of spindles to get a bit more radius - but that's also one of the reasons I'm picky about what kits I buy. I picked a drop-axle kit up from ******** (not going to publicly mention the company as they're a sponsor now) and while I though I was saving a bunch over the Jakes, the tolerances and mounts were way off and I had to spend almost 2hrs getting creative to make everything fit (not to mention another set of 1" spacers, which luckily the company was willing to send me at no cost). The other issue with that kit is the way it was built, I didn't have enough room to relocate the tie-rod (?) that connects the 2 axles above them so it hangs down underneath just waiting to get bent ... The Jakes and OEM kits are definitely the way to go if it's drop-axle you decide on - it's really just (like KG said) a matter of opinion.

(BTW - the trick of using an electric kit and flipping the rear brake backing plates also works with the drop-axle kits, if You have trouble locating one for Gas carts)
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