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Default Re: G1 running concerns

Toys is right, looks like fun for sure! Welcome to the site.

Far as the G1 one thing to check is take a marker and mark inside up to edge on both clutches, then run it fast and see if the belt took the marker off all the way to top of engine clutch (primary). I hope you cleaned and lubed the clutches when you did the spring/etc. they get all dry and dirty over the years. The belt is no good at 1" wide. The muffler can get plugged up, if you run it hard for 15min they will start to smoke keep running it flooring it a lot and smoke will stop....that is oil burning out of muffler. What happens is it gets old and dried up and it will not burn out, then you have to BBQ it. I had one I stuck a screwdriver up the exhaust and it unplugged it. It collects from short trips. Another thing is low compression, likely you know when a 2 stroke gets worn it loses a lot of power via blowby. You can check that. Usually gets worse when hot. Crank seals go on these but present running issues like need choke to start all the time and run bad at low rpm. Make sure the motor mounts are ok the engine can't move towards the trans. Beyond that you can get into engine things you can tweak like advancing the timing and cutting the head. But if it all working right it should get some pretty good rpm on the road WOT assuming you disabled the governor. I had one that did 30 with a cut head and other things.
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