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Default Re: G1 running concerns

You set the idle mixture at 1.25 turns out up to 1.5 turns. Basically rich enough to make it miss some and start fast. Set the idle speed right at top of carb so it idles when you just put your foot on pedal, you should have about 1" at top of pedal free play from when the switch starts it to when the carb starts to open. In that area it should idle slowly just faster than the starter spins it. If you have not defeated the governor you will not get top speed.

If it starts smoking more than the normal minimal 2 stroke smoke, you should keep running it hard, if the muffler burns out it will smoke a lot and you want that. Keep running it until it stops. Some will make a huge cloud and others don't. When the smoke goes back to minimal then drive around easy and let it cool the muffler off before you park it. It should not smoke more than minimal amount after that no matter what you do.
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